An Afghanistan Picture Show; Or, How I Saved the World

February 16, 2022 Ryan Alexander & Jordan Rothacker Season 1 Episode 1
An Afghanistan Picture Show; Or, How I Saved the World
Show Notes

In this inaugural episode, hosts Ryan Alexander & Jordan Rothacker discuss the 1992 memoir An Afghanistan Picture Show; Or, How I Saved the World. Specific topics include how the book can be categorized in terms of genre and style, the bipartite identities of The Young Man & William T. Vollmann, the failure of the individual to affect systemic change, and how “the Other” is depicted. They also discuss their backgrounds as Vollmann readers, their favorite Vollmann book(s), and their goals for the show.

Show Notes:

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“Life as a Terrorist”: https://harpers.org/archive/2013/09/life-as-a-terrorist/

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“Unnatural History of Construction: The Interim by Wolfgang Hilbig (translated by Isabel Fargo Cole)": https://statorec.com/unnatural-history-of-construction-by-ryan-alexander/

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